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The editors are elated to place before the community Sannidhi, the annual magazine of the Institute. ‘Sannadhi’ as the name suggests is ‘to be close to’ or ‘to be in the proximity of’. Through this issue, we have made an attempt to move closer to the community so that the mutual ties get more strengthened. This issue of Sannidhi is a platter which carries on it the aspirations of the institute, the achievements of the faculty and the students, presenting a glimpse of both the academic and extracurricular activities of the academic year 2008-2009. Thus, the attempt is to take the annual magazine beyond mere documentation.

Sannidhi 2008-09

Sannidhi 2014-15

ELT Magazine

Vol 14 - Index - Download (Mar 2013)

Vol 15 - Index - Download (Jun 2013)

Vol 16 - Index - Download (Dec 2013)

Vol 17 - Index - Download (Sep 2014)