Vallabh Vidyanagar (GUJARAT) INDIA
Established in 1965
Managed by Charutar Vidya Mandal

Awarded college with potential for excellence (CPE) by the UGC
Recognized by NCTE ( WRC/314001/2015/156687) NAAC B+
Grant-In-Aid Institute Affiliated with Indian Institute of Teacher Education (IITE)


This institute is one of the few outstanding educational hubs where undergraduate and post graduate programs are offered in English Language and Literature in keeping with international standard of Excellence. Today the institute serves as the Institution of Advanced Studies in Education (English).The institute has designed and published numerous print material, multi-media packages, audio and video material and teaching aids. It merits special mention that the efforts to teach English in rural and tribal areas have been going on for the last several years and that eighteen scholars from this institute have been awarded Ph.D. Degree in English Language Teaching under the Faculty of Education and Arts, Sardar Patel University.


Within the areas of its competence the institute has lent academic support to numerous national and state organizations and Cambridge University, UK.

imageIt is noteworthy that the institute is one of the few in our country that have been entrusted by the Ministry for Human Resource Development to conduct in service training programs for teachers and teacher-educators and that the EFL University, Hyderabad recognizes it as a center to undertake research in English

Our Institute’s management is governed by the umbrella organization Charutar Vidya Mandal, which was established in the wake of independence by leaders who cherished the highest values of Nationalism. Ever since its establishment, CVM has worked for rural regeneration, empowering of the weakest sections of society, and quality enhancement in higher education.

The Institute is managed by its Board of Governors that consists of the Chairman of CVM, the Director of the Institute, the Vice-Chancellors of the Sardar Patel University and the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, two eminent educationists, and various government officers as ex-officio members.

For all the internal management issues, we follow the practice of assigning the responsibility to a senior member as Course coordinator, who works with the team for planning and day-to-day transaction of the curriculum.

For all the co-curricular activities, we have various bodies like the Literary Club, the Library Committee and so on headed by a Professor-in-Charge, who convenes the meeting of the group and takes the necessary decisions.