Vallabh Vidyanagar (GUJARAT) INDIA
Established in 1965
Managed by Charutar Vidya Mandal

Awarded college with potential for excellence (CPE) by the UGC
Recognized by NCTE ( WRC/314001/2015/156687) NAAC B+
Grant-In-Aid Institute Affiliated with Indian Institute of Teacher Education (IITE)


Material Productions

Materials Preparation has been an on-going process at this Institute and we have so far designed and published the following Materials :

(1) Print Materials:

        The Institute has published an extensive range of supplementary readers, textbooks, teacher manuals, workbooks, instructional materials, glossaries and ELT related academic books. Till date, about 40 books have been published.

(2)Multimedia :

        The Institute has produced an I impressive collection of multimedia materials for teachers, students and teacher trainers. This includes workbooks, audio cassettes, instructional CDs and language learning videos and CDs.

(3) Audio Materials:
        The audio materials include audio cassettes for schools, listening tasks and conversations, rhymes for communication, advanced learner materials as well practice tasks for beginners and advanced learners.

(4) Video Materials:
        The Institute has a collection of around 40 video that are meant for teachers, students and teacher trainers.

(5) Teaching Aids:
        A battery of visual teaching-learning aids with a wide range: Exhibitions, displays & demonstrations are regularly arranged for schools and useful teaching aids are given away to institutions for their use regularly.